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O problema detecting ide drivers é um problema que ocorre ao ligar o seu computador, pois sua placa mãe não esta detectando os seus drivers de armazenamento.

  1. The only IDE device on the machine is a DVD drive, so I disconnected it to see if the machine would boot. No luck. No luck. I've reset the CMOS, and I'm still having the same problem.

  2. As it has been slowing down (as I have been filling the 250GB hard drive up, which is the main drive), it has been getting slower at detecting the IDE drives when the computer boots.

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I have this problem. I bought a second hand pc. When I start it, this thing appears. Please.

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This is where the problem comes up, stuck at detecing ide drives. If i turn it off and unhook the ide drive everything works fine. I couldn't find any updated bios on the epox website and I updated to new nforce 3 drivers with no luck. any help would be appreciated. I have tried 2 different ide drives with the same reslults. both drives are western digital. i have also tried different ide cables and also tried ide 1 and ide 2 with the same results.

Bonsoir, Je m'adresse à vous car j'ai un soucis au démarrage de mon pc! Effectivement quand je le démarre si je n'appuie pas sur reset il reste bloqué sur detecting ide drives.

Either way you have to install the new motherboard chipset drivers and all the other drivers. You didn't mention doing any of this yet. Raybay already mentioned a reinstall.

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