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slice-point technology, forcing the staple to splay out when driven into the post, provides superior purchase barb resists being pulled out, even if the post dries and splits Tornado Barbed Staples can be purchased in quantities.I had been hammer driving fence staples for many years, mashing thumbs and fingers, getting pierced with flying staples to finish the building job along with .Saves your fingers and prevents staples from mushrooming when driving into Use this staple starter with standard fence staples up to 8 gauge and the wide .

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Holds staple securely while being driven into post with hammer.Find the tools you need to finish your electric fence project, including ratchet handles, bending tools, wire cutters, fence pliers, t-post drivers, barbed staple drivers and tensioner tools.Barbed fencing staples, used to secure wire fencing to timber posts. Specially developed for use in softwood posts, so the barb resists being pulled out even if the post dries out and splits.

PrimeSource 2 Barb Fence Staple - Hot galvanized double-barbed 8 gauge fence staple. This heavy-duty staple features a fish hook type double barb for superior holding power. Used primarily for securel.Barbed Wire – Loose staple every wire. Use a measuring stick. Mark the wire positions. Some prefer to start at the top when installing multiple strands of barbed wire so successive wires don’t.staple driver made for staples. No moving parts to damage, save your fingers! 100% Customer Satisfaction & Fast Shipping.

Save your fingers from having to hold each staple with a barbed staple starter. This tool is compatible with either 1.5" or 2" fence staples and prevents them from mushrooming when driving into harder wood posts.Paslode StockAde TJEP wire fence staplers. Pneumatic ST400, cordless battery gas powered ST315i, ST400i, FS40. StockAde staples.This air powered staple gun is light and strong and has a high work rate. It is the only gun on the market that takes a 40mmstaple. The staples are high tensile 2.5mm gauge and are designed to splay out when fired into a post ensuring.

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Bekaert offers knurled staples and single or double barbed fence staples for your types, so below are general guidelines to driving fence staples by fence.This tool helps drive 2.5" extra wide barbed staples over your coated wire fencing while preventing the staples from mushrooming when driving into harder wood .Staple Starter-Driver (Wide) is very simple to use and has no moving parts to damage. Just insert the staple into the slot and hammer.

ST400i Cordless Fence Post Stapler Features The ST400i is the world's first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler that makes fencing faster, easier and safer for farmers and fencing contractors.The Hired Hand™ staple driver is like having an extra pair of hands helping you repair barbed wire fences. Just grip the handle and use the guide to position the wire. Staples are fed automatically, and a hammer blow to the punch drives them to the correct depth. Safe to use — no smashed fingers, no loose staples. Comfortable.Staple Starter-Driver is very simple to use and has no moving parts to damage. Just insert the staple into the slot and hammer on the pin (instead of your finger!).

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